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Tackling Austerity Budgets

The goal of this webinar is to demystify higher ed finance and prompt action. We want to emphasize that (1) austerity is not just about the loss of certain revenues and supposed shortfalls, but also about choices regarding how to use revenues, (2) TT and NTT faculty can get the skills and info to engage in budget action, and (3) faculty can build alliances with staff, students, alumni, and community for shared budget action to realign campus and statewide priorities.

The webinar panelists are Tracy Berger, a communications specialist at the University of Colorado (CU) Boulder and a member of the United Campus Workers Colorado (UCW-CWA 7799) Steering Committee; Aimee Loiselle, a postdoctoral fellow at Smith College and current co-facilitator for Scholars for a New Deal for Higher Education; Steve Newman, an associate professor of English at Temple University, a member of the Steering Committee for A New Deal for Higher Education, and  a member of the Temple Association of University Professionals (AFT 4531); Eleni Schirmer, who is finishing a PhD at UW-Madison in Educational Policy Studies, and a member of the Teaching Assistant’s Association, AFT 3220; Helen C. Scott, a Professor of English at the University of Vermont, and department representative for United Academics, the faculty union, and a board member of Vermont AFL-CIO state labor council, and Nancy Welch is Professor of English and member of United Academics AFT/AAUP at the University of Vermont.

Webinar recording: Racial and Social Justice and the New Deal for Higher Education

In this webinar, recorded on 5/19/21, Presenters Kimberly Jackson (chair of chemistry and biochemistry, director of food studies, and professor of biochemistry at Spelman College), Alejandra Marchevsky, PhD (professor and director, Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies, Cal State LA), Annelise Orleck (professor of history at Dartmouth College and founding copresident of the Dartmouth AAUP chapter), Beverly Guy-Sheftall (founding director of the Women’s Research and Resource Center and the Anna Julia Cooper Professor of Women’s Studies at Spelman College), and Jeanne Theoharis (distinguished professor of political science at Brooklyn College) discuss systemic inequalities and ways to address them.

Webinar on Free College

In this webinar, recorded on 5/17/21, Aimee Loiselle (postdoctoral fellow at Smith College and incoming co-chair of Scholars for a New Deal), Nicole Hochsprung (senior associate at AFT Higher Ed), and Kaitlyn Vitez (government relations officer at AAUP) discuss the free college programs on the table in Congress this summer.

Webinar recording: Contingency and the New Deal for Higher Education

In this webinar, recorded on 5/5/21, Mia McIver, Justine Modica, PhD candidate in History, Stanford University, Trevor Griffey, lecturer in U.S. History at UC Irvine and in Labor Studies at UCLA; vice president, UC-AFT Local 2226 at UC Irvine, and David Stein, UC President’s Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of African American Studies, UCLA discuss issues facing contingent and grad workers. Topics covered include issues of representation, economic pressures, and the need for a new deal that focuses on teaching and faculty.

Webinar recording: Campus Solidarity

In this webinar, recorded on 4/28/21, Marisa Chappell, associate professor of history, Oregon State UniversityDonna Murch, professor of history at Rutgers University, and Todd Wolfson, president of Rutgers AAUP-AFT and associate professor of journalism and media studies at Rutgers discuss  how to build larger networks of worker solidarity on our campuses and what that will mean for the future of higher education.


Webinar recording: Rebudgeting the University

This webinar, recorded on April 14, 2021,  examines university finance and budgets and how the higher education funding model can be changed to achieve equitable educational outcomes and a transformative system of higher education. The discussion is led by Jason Thomas Wozniak, assistant professor in the Department of Educational Foundations and Policy Studies at West Chester University and Christopher Newfield, director of research at the Independent Social Research Foundation and Eleni Schirmer, who researches labor movements, social movements and the political economy of education at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.



Recording the February 10, 2021 campaign launch.