Campus Toolkit

The resources here are meant to help create conversations across our campus communities about our challenges, and how we can work to solve them. Working together as faculty, students, and staff, we can return our institutions to a focus on the mission of higher education.

Check back frequently for more tools and resources. Scroll down to download the following:

  • Campaign values one pager
  • Campaign policy one pager
  • Sample senate resolution
  • Organizational sign-on


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Campaign Values One Pager

Organizational Sign-On Form

A Sample Senate Resolution

Campaign Policy One Pager

Additional Tools and Resources 

Organizing on campuses and in the wider community is essential to the success of the New Deal for Higher Education Campaign. Our goals will empower students, staff, faculty, administrators, and other stakeholders to carry out the mission of higher education. The following tools and resources are available by request for individuals, chapters, and locals working to advance the ND4HE campaign. You can contact us here:  AAUP and AFT staff are available for consultation and training on any of the below.

Building Your Base: Successful Coalitions and Member Engagement

This includes a detailed step-by-step guide to building an effective campus coalition. Once your coalition is established, ongoing member engagement is essential to winning. The literature includes how-tos on administering and utilizing surveys and petitions as well as planning and executing socially distanced collective action and educational events.

Power Analysis and Mapping

The goals of the New Deal for Higher Education campaign are clear, but sometimes determining where to focus our efforts can be difficult. Identifying key decision makers who have the power to help the campaign realize its goals is important for strategy and tactics. Working to understand how much and what kind of power different actors possess helps us develop partnerships to move our agenda forward. Power analysis exposes roadblocks as well as avenues to change, and can inform our member engagement as well. 

Media Toolkit 

Sample press releases, op-eds, and campaign graphics that can be used by coalitions organizing for a New Deal in Higher Education. 

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